My Inner Nerd Is a Chestburster (some spoilers ahead!?)



So a few days ago I (along with my fellow-strange-horror-nerd-droogie) went to see the new Alien movie which is directed by Ridley Scott. I am a huge fan of these movies and truly a nerd when it comes to the world of Xenomorphs and/or Yautjas.

What caught my interest, was the way alien observes things. Its perception was interesting since it reminded me that of a fly. The creature itself possesses no visible eyes but it could see and besides in the 2010 Alien vs. Predator game one of the Marine audio tapes implies that they indeed have vision. There are different theories including those involving the sight of modern animals. For example, they may use the same sense which sharks have, electro-reception. Due Xenomorphs evolution, their eyes aren’t visible but I got the feeling that they may sense things like snakes can, through their sense of sensing warmth and that could also explain why the facehuggers nor the pre- alien did not attack against David8.

David is a non-living organism -an android- so it highly possible that he doesn’t have a heartbeat. This could mean that Xenomorphs can sense warmth like snakes and so – heartbeat. The eggs containing facehuggers didn’t react to David’s presence at all, but the moment a living human was involved they awoke. Humans emit warmth and they loud heartbeat could be the awakening factor to aliens.

David himself is interesting. He is an android but what are his real motives. He questions his creators and believes to be superior to humans. His curiosity toward everything is basically endless but he also seems so certain of his own righteousness. True, he did kill Dr. Shaw in order to create perfect beings. He was created to be a picture of humans and to reflect on them. Alien on the other hand resembles both humans and androids since its being is just following its own nature. Just like the android Ash from the original Alien stated Xenomorph is a perfect organism – a perfect hunter. Ridley Scott is known of his way to add different themes to his movies. For instance, Prometheus was partly about religion, fate and creating but also science and ethics. Alien Covenant also had similar themes but with the taste of difference. While Prometheus was about the co-existence of science and religion, the new alien was more about the process of creating itself and the nature of living beings as well as androids. Humans made mistakes, they have the ability to evolve and learn from those mistakes while they can also choose to follow social norms or their own beliefs.

I really liked Alien Covenant. It really was a sequel to Prometheus but it was also an independent movie with own themes and plot (even if the plot did remind me of previous Alien- movies). The soundtrack was brilliant. At times the rhythm was similar to that of the Prometheus, but it also had its own vibe. It had its own touch since it was composed by a different person, he did a good job being loyal to the music from Prometheus. The music suggests also that the movies are related. Some parts of the soundtrack made the listener feel like something dangerous is running towards them even without any visual contact. Some tracks are calm and others create tension and wonder.

As the title suggests my inner nerd is like a chestburster, once it’s out it spreads all over and contaminates others. Sorry not sorry though. Now I’m just going to look for the chestburster and shove it back where it belongs, since no one should see it too often (unless they are prepared to face the consequences).

Okay have a nice time of day in which you are reading this

-Unfortunate Fate



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